The Tiger Hill Scenic Region

The Tiger Hill Scenic Region, which covers an area of more than 20 hectares ,is located in the northeast corner of the ancient city of SuZhou. Since the Spring and Autumn Period, the Tiger hill had been the first famous sight of ancient WuZhong. And it has been more than 2500 years. Su Dongpo, who was the great literary man of Song Dynasty ,said that it would be a pity if you had been to Suzhou without getting to visit the Tiger hill. Numerous historical remains, such as the Tomb of the HeLv, who was the king of ancient Wu, the Sword Pool, the Ten Thousand Man Stone, the Sheng Gong Rostrum, the HanHan Spring, the Sword Testing Stone, the Broken Beam Hall, the Third Spring of the World and the Yongcui Villa are always the historical records of Tiger hill history. The Tiger hill pagoda, which was first built in the Five Dynasties, is the symbol of the ancient city of Suzhou. And the famous sping and tea also have the great reputation in the world. There are more than 600 basins of Bonsai displaying in the Bonsai Garden, which is located in the foot of the hill. During the Ming and the Qing Dynasty, there used to be the Flower Fair in spring and the Temple Fair in the autumn. And its folk custom has been spread to this day.

The Tiger Hill Pagoda and the other ancient buildings in the hill had been promulgated as the first batch of national cultural relic protection units by the State Council in the year of 1961.