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      With a history of more than 2,500 years, the Huqiu has been known as No. 1 Sight of Suzhou. It is a must for tourists. The great Song literary man Su Dongpo said, "It would be a pity if you had been to Suzhou but didn't get to visit the Huqiu." As a showcase of Suzhou and one of the first ten exemplary civilized tourist attractions of China, it receives over 1,500,000 Chinese and foreign tourists every year, and has taken over the lead in the tourism industry of Suzhou for ten years running.

In Huqiu scenic spot, there is also an autumn temple fair every autumn in Shantang area. And it is also a heritage of folk custom of this area and has become a large-sized festival celebration in ...
Gong was used,in the old time,for the emperor’s escort on the way to alert the people to make way for the coming over. Also it was used for palace gathering and going to court to show dignity and ...
In the old time in Shantan area of Huqiu there were once three towns and three markets,and these have been evolved into the Spring Flower Fair today,which now is large-sized and has become one of ...